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The JGS Service Differential

We are dedicated to ensuring every job is done right and on time..everytime!

Meticulous Planning

We plan each job in advance and thoroughly as possible to avoid delays and minimize additional expenses.

Completion On Time

We understand the value of knowing when a project will be completed. Therefore, we strive to complete every project on time.

Perfect Execution

Our advanced job planning allows us to execute each project seamlessly by avoiding unnecessary delays.

Affordable Prices

Our meticulous planning and on-time completion allow us to keep our expenses low...allowing us to provide affordable pricing to our clients.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

Help Is Just A Click Away.

Our Specialization

JGS is proud to offer a wide array of services for our clients.  We specialize in the following services.

Interior/Exterior Painting



Home Additions

Electrical & Plumbing


Our Services

We provide a wide Array of services at JGS


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